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What to Bring:  

Note:  The list below serves as a guide only.  Feel free to bring any equipment you feel you will need to hunt.  If you are a novice hunter, on a "Learn-to-Hunt" package, we will work with you to make sure you have the equipment and gear you need.


Clothes:  bring blaze orange vest, or hat... this must be worn during general firearms season.   Hunters must wear blaze orange except when in a tree stand.  Blaze orange is optional for early archery season.  Bring warm socks that will wick moisture away from your feet when they sweat (make sure they're not cotton).   Warm and comfortable boots.  Gloves, turtle neck shirt or Under-Armor.  A stocking cap or hat that would cover your ears, and of course, rain gear.  Note:  Please do not smoke in the clothes that you will hunt in.  Don't clean or polish your boots, or clean/oil your gun the night before your hunt.  In short, don't add any additional scents to your equipment. 


Firearms:  Bring your shotgun and shotgun shells:  Buckshot only... some shotguns have a better pattern with a certain size shot (#1 buck shot may pattern better in your gun than #00 does).  This should be determined before arriving at camp.  Bring your Compound Bow or Crossbow and archery equipment, rangefinders, arrows, arrow release, and scent control. 


Storage:  A large insulated cooler, or two, to take home your harvest.

Miscellaneous:  Camera with fresh batteries, snacks, non-alcohol drinks and water.  Hand warmer, sharp knife.  Hunting license and big game stamp.  Your cell phone, binoculars.  We do promote scent prevention.  Don't forget any prescription medications you will need during your stay.

Typical Hunt Descriptions

Deer Hunt

Our deer hunting days start well before sunrise with coffee to get you going.  Then we transport each hunter to his or her stands before sunrise.  We  place our hunters in stands that are located in high traffic or food plot areas. These locations are chosen by hours of scouting, planning, and learning the movements of the deer.  Our stands are sturdy, comfortable, and SAFE!  After the morning hunt, we let you decide how you want to proceed for the remainder of the day.  If you choose to have lunch with us, our guides pick you up at Noon and transport you back to the lodge.  Lunches can also be packed for those who wish to hunt all day.  Our hunting guides are also available to assist those hunters who need to get a deer in or to help track a deer that was hit.  After the hunt is done, and the sun has set, everyone is transported back to the lodge for that home-cooked meal.  This is a great way to end the day at Kirnan Farms Outfitters!


Archery October 1st through November 18th

During Archery Season, hunters are placed in their stands in the dark.  Archery hunters will hunt until around 11:00am and then break for lunch and relax until the afternoon.  Deer move early morning and late afternoon during this time of year.  Most opportunities are from dawn until 10:00am and from 3:30pm until dark.  However, you may stay on stand all day if you wish. 


Muzzleloader November 5th through November 18th

We like to have our Muzzleloader Hunters in the woods around 5:30am and stay until lunch.  If they choose to stay in the woods all day, we prepare a bag lunch for them. This is the time of the year when the bucks are on the move. Deer movement is constant.  If our guests want to break for lunch, we provide a hot tasty lunch.  After lunch we will place our guest on the same stand or choose a different stand, if desired.


Regular firearm season (shotgun only) November 11th through January 2nd 


Regular firearm season, we get our hunters into the woods around pre-dawn.  if our guests wish to still hunt, we will keep the woods quiet.  if our guests want us to stir up some deer, we can do this by man-drives.   Our guests can also participate in the man-drives.  Again, we will break for a hot lunch if desired and get back to hunting after lunch. Our guests will hunt until the edge of dark.


*Deer can be processed by a local deer processor for an additional charge based upon the type of processing you request.   There is a $25 transportation fee to deliver your deer to the processor.

Turkey Hunt

Our turkey hunting is from Mid-April to Mid-May. We start with early morning coffee to get you going.  Then the hunt will begin pre-dawn by going after the gobbler that we scouted prior to your arrival.  After the morning hunt and lunch, the afternoons are spent participating in various activities of your choice.  Late in the afternoon (after May 5th only), we will will go back out and try to get another shot at a gobbler.  Turkey hunting is extremely addictive-once you've heard one gobble in the early morning hours and respond to our calls, you will get the bug. So if you've not already gotten the bug, come hunt with us for a few days!

April 13 through May 5

During turkey season, State law permits hunting gobbler from dawn until noon.  Hunters must be out of the woods by noon.  Our days begin before dawn, trekking to our designated hunting areas and the hunt ends at noon.  Lunch will be served after your hunt.


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